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Precise Performance


LONGi Solar is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar products including wafers, cells, and panels, and was partly responsible for driving the solar industry towards more efficient monocrystalline PERC cells. The company produces a wide range of cost-effective solar panels for residential and commercial applications.


Focused on Innovation and Reliability

LONGi's residential solutions are mainly divided into two categories: standardized residential solutions based on flat roofs and pitched roofs, etc., and multi-scenario residential solutions based on sunlight houses, flat-to-sloping roof conversion projects, etc.

  • Standardized Residential Solution

  • Multi-scenario Residential Solution


Standardized Residential Solution

LONGi's standardized residential solution mainly covers flat roofs and pitched roofs, with the operation modes of self-generating/consumption and surplus electricity to grid. The survey and design of LONGi professional technical team allow the rapid response and implementation of the solutions.

Core Values

LONGi have a professional technical team, covering diversified product types for depth matching, with high power generation and high income under different roof types. At the same time, the global after-sales team will escort your power station around the clock.

Diversified Product Types

  • Covering multiple application scenarios

  • All-round Design Service

  • All-round service for selection, exploration and design

  • 7*24h After-sales Service

  • Escort your power station around the clock

  • Diversified Resedential PV Solution

  • Resedential PV solutions adapt to diverse application scenarios, with differentiated product types and more flexible system design.

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