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What Makes One Solar Panel Better Than The Other?

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While panels are an important component of your solar system, it would be a disservice to overemphasize panel decisions. Higher-watt panels produce more power, but that does not necessarily mean higher quality or reliability. In fact, all tier-one panels are going to have extremely low rates of failure. The failure rates among all of the panel brands we offer will give failure rates so low, the chances even one panel fails during the 25-year warranty period is extremely low. 

If you want the best of the best, I would recommend LG. These panels are made to have the least degradation stated in their performance warranties and are more efficient than the rest of the tier one panels. They are USA made, but are more expensive. However in many cases you would benefit from the LG panels if you have limited available area on your roof.

Beware of polycrystalline panels, Monocrystalline panels offer a much longer life, are more efficient, and produce more energy for their size than polycrystalline panels. The cost is not worth the difference.

Monocrystalline panels are important along with the right Inverter, for the most part, the only differences in Monocrystalline panels are the watt rating, which relates to physical size. A larger 400 watt panel isn't, necessarily, better than a smaller 325 watt panel. The 325 watt panel can be more easily positioned so it will cover more of a limited area or roof. 

If you have a large energy bill, or just a small roof area where panels can be placed, stepping up to a more efficient panel might be beneficial.  We are experts on designing the best system for your home to maximize your savings.

Solar shingles are a great idea however, they are very limited due to their size. They don't have the capability to have micro-inverters which effect their reliability and efficiency  The design of the solar shingles also hurts their overall efficiency, giving them half the efficiency rating as traditional panels. Solar performs best when cool and the shingles have less air circulation, which causes them to perform below their peak efficiency. In addition the way the solar shingles are installed eliminates one of the benefits of traditional panels that blocks the sun from beating on your hottest roof sections causing attic temperatures to fall as much as 40 degrees, helping your air conditioner perform more efficiently.

Next is the cost. The technology on which they are based is obsolete for a premium price. Not only are solar singles a major install, which takes several days, but the cost is as much as twice that of a traditional solar install, which can be done in six hours on average.

For the most efficient, best look, for your roof and have a clear open land area, you might want to consider a ground mount system. There is extra cost with racks and trenching, however we are able to position the panels for best production which decreases system cost. Overall the cost might be slightly more, depending on how much sun your roof gets, but you have nothing on your roof.

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